Advantages of Using Emulsified Fuels.

In a world hopelessly resigned to the availability of only inconsistent and dubious quality of Furnace Oil, rampant adulteration, chocked Burners and Sludge filled Fuel tanks; CTPL's Eco-Friendly solution is like an unbelievable fresh breeze blowing across the country's Industrial world, pushing away the sooty smoke from flue stacks. The Emulsified Furnace Oil produced by CTPL's technology is a guarantee of uniform and consistent quality of Fuel, sludge and contamination free, with excellent combustion characteristics and significantly reduced emissions.


1. It is a green Eco-Friendly Fuel that goes through a combined 5 stage Filtration, Homogenization and Emulsification processes.

2. It has no impurities like sludge or solid contaminants and the same CAN BE PROVEN either in lab tests or by simple sieve tests.

3. It has much cleaner emissions and the same CAN BE PROVEN by flue gas analysis showing reduction of NOx, SOx and CO.

4. Fuel Economy is at par or slightly better than normal F.O. , exact figures cannot be quoted as consumption figures are highly subjective to factors beyond our control. (An excellent example is the fuel mileage provided by a car.)

5. It has Thermal output comparable to normal F.O, but with uniform Flame temperature and no Hot-Spots, which create NOx .

6. It has better combustion characteristics than normal F.O., which results in Complete Utilization of the Fuel without waste.

7. Excellent CARBON BURN-OUT Characteristics of the Fuel result in less carbon and soot deposits on Boiler tubes.

8. Reduces MAINTENANCE DOWN-TIME due to cleaner fuel filters.

9. Burners are also less prone to choking.

Comparison of Creatnet's H.F.O Emulsified Fuels with others.

Emulsion Comparison