Our Products

Creatnet Technology Pvt Ltd is in the business of manufacturing various grades of Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil for heating applications applications such as in Boilers, Thermic Heaters and Industrial Furnaces.

Our product formulation and development is the result of 1000s of combined man hours of research and development and it is a Proven Eco-friendly, Clean Burning Industrial Fuel, which required considerable resources and investment in technology in-order to formulated and subsequently to be manufactured.
Creatnet's Fuel Emulsion has the distinction of being Filtered, Sludge Free, Fully Homogenized with special additives and stabilizers, and uniformly dispersed water droplets of 5-10micron range. The Emulsion also remains stable for months, unless exposed to extreme temperature variations.

Taking cognizence of the fact that no single formulation can be a universal solution or in our case fuel, we offer several grades of our Emulsion depending on the sector being serviced:

1. E.F.O. - F for use in Furnaces (any non-ferrous Meliing & Annealing Furnace of temp up-to 900 Degrees Centigrade).
2. E.F.O. - B for use in Steam Boilers, Thermic Heaters, Water Heaters and Drying Ovens.
3. E.F.O - C for use in high temperature applications above 1000 Degrees (currently under testing).

Our Services

Creatnet Technology Pvt Ltd has adopted a multi-tired approach for providing Emulsified Fuel related solutions. We provide Fuel Emulsifying services to dealers of Industrial Petroleum Fuels. We provide our expertise and equipment for in-situ Fuel Emulsifying Services to large Industrial consumers of Heavy Fuel Oil. Lastly, we cooperate with our clients and manufacturers of equipment like Boilers, Furnaces and Generators in providing them with tailor made solutions.

Fuel Emulsification Service

Our Commitment

Even before we made our first step in our journey of creating Alternative Eco-Friendly Fuel Solutions or even processing our first barrel, we were aware about the massive up-hill task awaiting us as not only were we were entering into a field copious with examples of false promises and failed technologies, but also into a sphere notorious for murky deals, rampant adulteration, poor product quality and vested interests virtually at every step.

When CTPL was started from the very onset
we chose two fundamental pillars by which we conduct our business and service our end clientele:

1. No Outlandish Claims of Fuel Economy.
2. Complete Transparency in our Dealing.