Videos of Emulsified Fuel Combustion.

Smoke Free Chimney of Boiler Burning Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil from Creatnet on Vimeo.

Smoke free chimney of a 6 Ton Thermax Smoke Tube Boiler burning Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil containing 12% water. Usage of Emulsified fuels reduces NOX, SOX, CO in Flue gases as well as waste heat. The stack temperature was 10-15% lower than with normal fuel, though the firing chamber temperature was the same.

Ignition of Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil by Creatnet from Creatnet on Vimeo.

Spark Ignition of Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil containing 12% water in a 6 Ton Smoke Tube Boiler. Notice the instant ignition bright yellow colour and lack of dark spots in the flames.

HFO Emul. Weishaupt Burner from Creatnet on Vimeo.

Firing of Fuel Oil Emulsion containing 15% water in 5 micron sized droplets in a fully automatic Weishaupt Monarch Burner with no loss in flame temperature.Such burners are used in various applications such as Oven, Small Furnaces and Boilers.